Chicago Marathon in 5 days

October 8, 2019

Race day is slowly approaching and the excitement is getting even bigger (or maybe it’s my nerves, but going with excitement)! Last time I ran a full marathon as a race was in 2017 when I ran the New York Marathon – ps this is a super fun one, hilly at the end but so great.

I’m looking forward to running among the other thousands of people from Chicago, around the country and other places in the world who come to our amazing city to run this course. The months leading up to this have really been the test and those hours spent on Saturday or Sunday mornings were hours spent with friends and training for either a first marathon, a retirement marathon or just a race to go out and do for fun.

I’ve never been great at following plans and sticking to specific numbers, but the important thing is the work that was done on the long runs and in the gym.

These last couple of days I’m focusing on a couple of things to be race ready. Here is my really short list and maybe at least one of them will resonate with you:

*focus on staying hydrated and stretching – I’m usually terrible at it on a regular basis but getting some yoga in really helps to loosen up

*go out for a couple of short runs before race day – even 1 or 2 miles so you continue keeping your legs moving – I feel that sometimes when I take off a few days from running, even though it’s great, it’s harder for me to get back out there

*think of how I want this race to go and if it doesn’t I’ll be fine – I want to go out there and have fun, I found joy in running again and don’t want for it to become a chore or something I hate

*keep cheering others on, everyone loves a hype man so why not do the same for others.

*go for a shakeout run with friends on Saturday so I get even more pumped for the race on Sunday. I know a goo amount of friends doing and I can’t wait for everyone to finish the race and live in the moment of their achievement!

Shakeout Runs

Photo by @asweatlife


aSweatLife shakeout with Tyler Cameron and Dustin Kendrick from The Bachelorette. Running a 2 mile shakeout starting at 9am at the Roosevelt Collection Shops in the South Loop where the $5 ticket will go towards the ABC Food Tours. You can get more info here. (I will be at this one!)

Photo by Grace Pisula


Runstreet Shakeout Art Run in West Town. Come join us as we run a 5k through Chicago’s West Town celebrating Chicago Marathon weekend and murals from around the neighborhood. Always great company and you get to learn and explore a new area while admiring and having a guide go over some of the murals on the walls. Part of the proceeds will be going to Chicago Truborn’s West Town Walls murals. Tickets here. Code FIVE for $5 off registration. (I will also be at this one!)

Heartbreak Hill Running Company

Heartbreak Hill is hosting a 3 mile shakeout run to loosen up the legs before race day on Sunday. Co-Founder Dan Fitzgerald and Chicago Head Coach Lucas Larson will be running with the group and it is open to all levels. They will open gear check from 8-8:30am and the run will start at 8:30am. To register, click here.

D’Agostino’s pizza

November Project Chicago

If you’ve never heard of November Project, maybe this week/weekend should be the weekend you do. They are a free fitness movement that started in Boston and now have tribes across the US and Internally as well. It is a great and welcoming community that makes you feel at home. And they are hosting a fantastic event on Saturday called the Pizza Mile. Each person participating will complete a mile with each lap (.25mi) having a slice of pizza waiting at the end of it before heading on the next. There is also a relay option. If you aren’t feeling the eating and running, come out and support. They will be be meeting at the Montrose Lakefront Track on 10/12 at 10:30am to start. Here is the Facebook event!

Whether you’re joining one of these shakeout runs or doing something else, go out there and have fun. And if you’re not running, cheer and support your friends! You can download the Chicago Marathon app or leave a message that will be emailed to the runner and could appear on screen during the marathon on Sunday!

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