aSweatLife and Its Impact

December 20, 2019

#Hikeworking 2016 at Matthiessen State Park
photo courtesy aSweatLife

A little over 3 years ago I saw an ad on the right side of my Facebook page for something called aSweatLife. It was promoting event that would be happening at the end of the week to go on a hiking event. It was really the first time I had paid attention to Facebook events, but I took a chance, went to their website for the event and I signed my sister and I for it. That event was so much FUN! I met Jeana for the first time there and at the second event I attended (about a week later and last minute signup because I decided to throw my name on the waitlist and got in, also Freaked Out because I was going to have to go alone!) she remembered my name! That is something that has always stood out to me. How she does it? I have no clue, great memory!

But aSweatLife is more than just workout or hiking events. It is a well-rounded community that brings people together and from there, you make what you want of it.

How aSweatLife has impacted my life

I found out about aSweatLife at the right time when I needed it. After years of not doing very much for myself, I had started to get back into the gym but being an introvert and a busy schedule with classes and work made it hard for me to meet people. I started going to events on a regular basis and I kept seeing the same familiar faces and through time we started to get closer. Of course, it takes time to build a friendship but this was exactly what I had been looking for.

Through workouts and workshops I felt more comfortable with being who I was and proud of being me. I have led and got meetups together through other groups and this would have been a harder thing for me perhaps in the past. Or just something I wouldn’t have been as excited to do. I started painting and writing. aSweatLife gave me the opportunity to become a writer for them in 2017 and I realized that it was something I wanted and needed. The diversity in people and exciting opportunities has opened my views of fitness and I love trying new places, whether it’s with friends or solo.

There are not enough words to say just what and how much of an impact this super amazing community has done for me.


Although it might seem like this community is all about fitness, that’s not exactly the complete picture. There is a whole lot else that goes into it. There wellness and goal-setting and travel. That means that career, and self-care and health are all included. You will meet people from different backgrounds and career paths, but the great thing is that something brought us together and we got to meet. Whether it’s for 1 event or many, you will at least meet 1 person here. It is a community. A very supportive community.

2019 Ambassador Meet and Greet

aSweatLife ambassadors

Every year, starting in 2016, the ambassador program started. That program has expanded and has grown exponentially but it is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. What is the ambassador program? In simple terms, I would say that it is an added support system that aSweatLife provides and we are all there to cheer each other on and set goals that are scary. Every single year, at the beginning of the new year, it gets kicked off with a goal-setting workshop. It’s one day where we get to set some BHAGS( big hairy audacious goals). And because as part of the program there is a Studio of the Month, you get to work out with other ambassadors. Planned or not, you will usually see a friendly face which makes working out so much more fun. And those goals? You get to crush them during the year with others who are also trying to achieve theirs.


I have said it time and time again to friends. You get what you put into something. And one thing I found at aSweatLife is an amazing group of friends. Some I see on a regular basis, throughout the years, those relationships have grown. Some I see a few times a year. But no matter what, these friendships we have created really stand out to me because we created them at an age when it’s usually harder to meet people. We all had to put in parts of ourselves and share. I would do this over and over. My days are that much brighter because I have a strong support group who will say it like it is and also be there to hype you up when you need it.

2019 Half Marathon in New Orleans and crossed the finish line together


Almost every month aSweatLife hosts events at different studios in the city. These have always been some of my favorite events because I have met a lot of new people and have tried workouts I might not have found on my own. And if the workout is tough, you are all experiencing the same thing and will get through it together.

aSweatLife ambassadors at Train Moment


Monthly events aren’t just workouts. There are some career oriented and development events. We have had negotiation and leadership workshops as well as so many more. Amd usually if you want to see something else, you can ask for it and perhaps that idea will come to life.

Trainers Connect

Besides the regular events hosted monthly, there are events hosted geared towards trainers in Chicago. Those monthly events usually have 2 parts to them. A workout portion and then some sort of workshop or fun part. In the past there has been mobility, shoe fittings, navigating entrepreneurship, a photo shoot and so many others. The hours usually vary but for most, they are in the middle of the day, usually when there are less classes being taught, just slower times at studios and gyms. But they’re such a great way to connect with other trainers in the city and who specialize in different things.

I can seriously say that my life has changed 1000% times for the better since I went to my first event. I found that I have a passion for fitness and although am introverted, I can be extroverted and put myself out there. I have gained more confidence throughout time because I am happy with myself and proud of who I am. I teach group fitness classes and do personal training and I love it. I can make an impact on others lives. I feel comfortable doing that. And a lot of it has to do with the changes I’ve gone through.

So why don’t you join me at a future event? Or maybe just set up a workout day or coffee, I’m always up for meeting or catching up (and always trying new places too 🙂 )

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