Where and how to find FREE or inexpensive workouts

December 27, 2019

As much as I love my gym memberships and access to different studios, I know that all of these costs can add up.

How I currently attend the studios I go to:

  • aSweatLife ambassador – get a Studio of the Month, sometimes it’s unlimited classes and sometimes it’s a class-pack
  • Classpass – have it on hold for $15 and get 1 class; buy additional credits as needed
  • LA Fitness – with sometimes training for triathlons, I like to have the ability to train no matter what the weather is like
  • Lululemon – get 1 class a month at a different studio; sometimes there are meetups which are additional workouts
  • Work as a personal trainer/group fitness instructor at a few places and I can use the space as well to work out
  • Support friends or causes I care about and show up to work outs at different studios – plus usually I get a goodie bag <3
  • Buy class-packs to studios I love and can use throughout the year
  • Pay full price for some studios in Chicago that are small businesses and local and their workouts are amazing

But besides the things I pay for, I’m always looking for events I can do for free and save some money. Or events that won’t completely break the budget for the month. Here are some ways that I find workouts and events that help to keep costs down for my fun workout spending.

Places that offer FREE classes/workouts:

Athleta Run club

Athleta Southport Run Club – every Tuesday at 6pm, the Athleta run club meets to go for a short run in the evening. It’s a very welcoming environment and all paces welcome. Sometimes they run to Shake Shack and you get a drink!

Photo courtesy of UnderArmour Chicago

UnderArmour Chicago at 600 N Michigan offers a great variety of classes taught by different trainers. Classes range from yoga to HIIT to jump rope. Follow them on ig @underarmourchicago

Eventbrite has a lot of events posted in the city and the suburbs. You can find FREE and paid events. This is really where I find a lot of the workouts that are available and really not limited to just fitness. Coming up there are some workouts at Equinox Lincoln Common, Fitbit New Year Reset, Fabletics workouts in the burbs, and Fleet Feet Running Club with Post run yoga.

November Project – if you’re up for an outdoor workout year-round and meeting the most amazing humans ever, you need to check out NP. They are #weatherproof and meet every Wednesday at a rotating location at 6:18am and every Friday at 6am at The Bean. PS -they’re not just in Chicago, so if you’re traveling, you can probably find a tribe and join in on one of their workouts. They are the most welcoming people ever!

Instagram – most studios or places have a social media account (I just love ig) and many places will do giveaways for either class-packs or a single class or a month. Follow your favorite places or ones you want to go to. As well as studios, people in the Chicago community will also sometimes give away a class or something else that’s exciting – thanks @thesarahstanley for the reminder!

Pay a little bit, get a lot

Wellness4Every1’s November Event at Ethos Training

Wellness4Every1 is a Chicago based organization that hosts monthly events raising funds to provide wellness programming to Chicago Public Schools that don’t have the resources for students. You pay a fee to attend the monthly event and can do the incentive package which usually is either a month at a studio or some sort of class package.

aSweatLife also tends to have events throughout the month at different studios and very affordable. Also, another place where you get goodies at the end!

Fitt Chicago has a newsletter they send out as well as their instagram and they’re full of events and activities going on in the city. They’re a great resource for workouts or fun events going on.

Also! Buy class-packs or single classes when places offer deals. The prices offered don’t usually happen so I take advantage when I can. I know I’ll eventually use the classes and can maybe even take a friend if I haven’t used all by the expiration time.

Really, a lot of running stores in the city have free running events or fun runs either weekly or every so often. The same thing goes for some of your favorite studios. Every so often they will host free workouts. I follow most of the studios I go to on social media and I get to keep up with news and any cool events happening.

Look for some of your favorite places where you like to sweat, I’m sure you’ll find soon enough all those opportunities I mentioned!

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