Favorite Studios in Chicago

December 30, 2019

CycleBar River North – a cycling studio with theme rides as well as instructors that have some awesome playlists to get your heart rate going. The energy is always up and since I do love to see stats, I appreciate the email post-workout that shows you where you ended up and how you performed over all. It also means you can see if you’re progressing. Plus sometimes having that competitive side kicks in and I push myself even more. Stop by for some great music and instructors that will help to push you and leave feeling accomplished and stronger than when you first walked in.

Ethos Training Systems

Ethos Training Systems is a place where you go and you know you’re getting the real deal. This group training facility has some of the best trainers all around. I have taken a couple of their formats of classes (they have different ones) and each one was different in its own way but in each, my form was corrected and whether I was adjusted for less than 1 inch or my hand placement, it made a huge difference in the exercise. Their trainers are well versed and educated and I leave the place always feeling like I learned something and I challenged myself. Follow their ig @ethostrainingchi for some great ig stories where they show exercises and proper form!

Fit Results is seriously one of my all-time favorites. I belonged to the gym for over a year and still love going back to it. It isn’t just a gym, it’s a community. They started with a location in the South Loop and have a 2nd in Logan Square. They have classes all day which include bootcamps, strength training, boxing, rowing, etc. You can find something you’ll love and the owner/co-owners are some of the most inspiring people. What’s more is that you can try your first month for as little as $59 which is less than $2 a day. You can’t get a better deal anywhere!

Shadowbox River North

Shadowbox – I’ve tried a few boxing classes and have enjoyed the workouts but wasn’t until I tried Shadowboxing that I really got into it. Having the instructor correct my form and tell me how to improve really gave me added confidence. I feel like it has enough cardio to make me sweat but also I get a lot of time hitting the bag and letting it all out that I feel like a new person after. I am sore the 2 days after and can’t get enough of it. If you go try it or need a buddy, I’m always up for a boxing session!

Train Moment – this studio is one of the newest places open in Chicago and I LOVE it! I have taken other Versa Climber classes where all of it has been the Versa Climbers (and a great workout) but I love how things change in this class. You truly get a little bit of everything. You get cardio in short bursts and with the versas you don’t need much. There are also 2 separate strength areas and you get to rotate through all 3 sections. Overall, if you want to try something new (studio and machine) and want a workout where you work on strength, definitely try Train Moment! I’ll be there this whole month of January – I bought the month since I loved all the classes I’ve taken in December!

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