New York in winter

January 3, 2020

I’ve thought that New York is magical and so are the holidays. But what about both put together? They’re an even better combination!

Christmas Tree at Bryant Park

I was able to visit New York the first weekend in December and so decorations were up and the Christmas tree had just gone up the week I was there. I left Chicago on a Sunday morning on a 6am flight and arrived back in Chicago on Tuesday at 9am (was supposed to stay the whole day but changed the flight to come back to a workout with aSweatLife – how typical of me 🙂 ).

Although I was there for only 2 full days, I made the most out of the trip. I got to try new studios and bars and explore places I had never been. New York truly offers great variety no matter what it is you want to do.

So I’m sharing a bit of what I did during these 2 days!


Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy

Walking into the 2nd floor studio for a 6pm class is something I don’t usually do on a Sunday but I’d heard about Humming Puppy and wanted to try it. Right from the entrance, the place was relaxing and calming. It was a comfortable temperature as soon as you walked in, felt like a warm hug. There was also tea to have while waiting to go in to class.

Mellow Hum was the right class for the evening and to set the tone for the week. There is a low vibration that happens throughout class in the background and the poses are challenging enough while still being relaxed. We held poses for a bit and I left the studio feeling well stretched and relaxed. I will be back soon!

Woom Center

I took the WOOM Yoga Experience at Woom Center at 12:30pm the 2nd day I was there and I selected it on a whim and cause it was about 7 mins from where I was staying. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It was a vinyasa practice that was a bit fast, but the sequences repeated so you eventually caught up with it. This was a unique experience in that the room actually had lights go up during the class with different visuals. It was a sensory-enhancing environment. For a small part of class you did wear a blindfold, but it was when sitting down, so no loss of balance happened. And at the end of class we got a shot of an elixir which was very yummy – Breath of Fyre Mylk which contained turmeric root, coconut milk, ashwagandha and a few others. Overall it was a great new place to try and to come back and visit!


As usual, I love Shadowbox in Chicago so I stopped by the studio in Flatiron. I got the same amazing class and workout as I do in Chicago. I did walk 8 mins to class in the rain without an umbrella, but I was committed. It was a 9:30am class and the energy running through post-class was soooo good. I left feeling the class strong and happy that I had gotten up on a day where I could have rested.


Lamano Hell’s Kitchen

A newer tapas place, Lamano, in Hell’s Kitchen, I walked in randomly when the bar I had wanted to go into was packed. Again, I just sat at the bar and chatted with the bartender about life in New York. It was a quiet night and it was nice to listen to some spanish music and have a drink. And before heading out, we all took a shot of tequila. New York has been super welcoming to me and it makes me feel like a part of it when visiting.

An absinthe drink at The Up & Up

The Up & Up

A craft cocktail bar on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, The Up & Up, was the last stop on my Monday night. I’d attempted to go twice in previous visits but there was always a long wait. This time, going by myself, walking up to the door person and saying 1, I got lucky and got a seat at the bar. The bartender was great and I was able to people watch and enjoy 2 absinthe cocktails. The space itself is very small and cozy, dimly lit and very romatic-y. But even wandering the city by myself, this was a welcoming and fun place. The drinks I had were delicious and went down too easily. Would probably go back but with friends or company to be able to enjoy the space a bit more.


Shops at Bryant Park

If you have been to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago this is a similar concept with a lot of shops with vendors selling lots of handmade products and food. The energy surrounding Bryant Park around this time is electric and the food smells go down for blocks. I stopped by to look at the Christmas tree and tried my first Raclette with champignons (aka mushrooms). A perfect evenight adventure!

Rockefeller Plaza and the Christmas Tree

Bryant Park has a skating rink but so does Rockefeller Plaza and they have the bigger tree as well. Of course, this place is always packed but it is part of the holiday experience and just walking down the streets by the plaza is a journey. You get to see the different storefronts and lights, it’s a bit of what makes New York, New York!

Things to do

AirBnB experience with @herseykiss

Airbnb Experience – Soho IG Shoot with NYC Influencer

Going out of my comfort zone I signed up for an Airbnb experience to do a photoshoot. I met up with 2 other girls before heading out to Soho and shoot some photos. It was uncomfortable mostly since life was going on around us but it truly was a great experience. I met Maroita who was raveling here from France and so I was able to practice my French. We chatted about why she was here and at the end of the whole thing, we exchanged info. She said some of the nicest things to me that anyone has ever said and it was as if she had known me for some time. 2 hours with other amazing people will do that. Her message still stays with me and that experience was one of the best things.

Comedy Cellar @Underground

Another awesome place on MacDougal street, I reserved my ticket for the Monday night show in advance. You can always try to get there without a ticket but there is limited space. I did get lucky and again, because of being in a group of 1, I was able to be seated at the front of the show which was super fun. That night I was there, there was a live recording of a podcast, Come to Papa, which is a comedy podcast hosted by Tom Papa. I laughed a lot and the cover for the show was $14. Sure, there is a 2 min drink like usual but that can be anything, either food or non-alcoholic drinks as well. Check out a show at any of the venues on MacDougal, they’re really good.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

I had gotten on the waitlist for the Seth Meyers show and the day I was flying out I got the email to confirm I would be there. Well, I got in and agan braved the rain that evening. It was so worth it to make it to another free show – this time by Rockefeller Plaza. Don’t forget, these shows are FREE and you can check availability on!

Overall, although this trip was extremely short, it was full of so many adventures. What I have also learned is that I love spending time with and by myself. It’s a chance to really learn about what I like and dislike and for that I think makes me a better person when around others. What are some of your favorite places or things to do in New York?

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