Resolutions or Goals, here are some things I’m setting for myself and how in 2020

January 10, 2020

Years ago I used to set these New Year resolutions and they tended to be very similar each year – and the one that was usually on my every year list was to lose weight. The last 2 years I haven’t set ‘resolutions’ but I got more into creating vision boards. I even wrote my first article for aSweatlife about them.

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Vision boards are a great way to have something to look at. And I love them because I can be creative. But in the middle of last year, I wanted to set some real goals that I could achieve. Yes, they would be hard but I also knew I could do. And I wrote them down. They weren’t resolutions and it wasn’t the start of the year but they were successes I wanted to reach.

One thing that has really worked for me is being vocal and sharing those goals not just with myself but making them public. Why? This was there is more accountability and saying it out loud (at least for me), makes things more real.

The biggest thing I am proud I reached last year was that I paid off my credit cards and can say I am really debt free! It took work and moving back home after having lived in many apartments for 7 years was a slight change but it paid off.

For 2020 I have some bigger goals to achieve and maybe some of these will give you ideas on some things you can focus on if you don’t yet.



  • Goal is to move to New York this year, so that means having funds to move, a first and last month deposit, 3 months of rent (at least) and expenses to buy things the apartment will need
  • Save for expenses that I know I have such as friends weddings and travels back home for different events
  • Max out my Roth (outside of 401k)
  • Continue investing and learn the basics, this is all still new
What Digit looks like

How to get there

  • Set up automated deposits from my paycheck to go to different savings accounts as well as my Roth account – I have an online account that doesn’t have a debit card and transfers take about 2-3 days to go back to my checking if needed, so this is really in case of emergencies. These deposits don’t change unless it’s to make additional ones
  • A friend Hanna, shared the app Digit which I started using and it automatically transfers money from a checking account connected to it. It looks at your income and spending and you don’t have to do any work, super easy (including my referral in case you want to try it, you get $5 and I get $5)
  • Use google and online resources to learn how to invest, I started using Robinhood as well but still super new and learning along the way (referral link included)
  • Reduce going out to eat, which comes hand in hand with one of my other goals to cook more



  • Work on my python – somehow I put this on the backburner and not using it daily makes me have to review so much to remember how to do something
  • Speak up and learn how to negotiate, no more being ok with things and not saying anything when I should
  • Get certified to teach cycling
  • Become more well-versed in different kinds of training

How to get there

  • Log in to my Data Quest page and work on some of the different levels to get back into python 🙂
  • Ask for opportunities at work to learn a new skill or shadow people and search for projects that interest me and can apply to what I do
  • Look up trainings and pick one and sign up for it to get certified



  • Spend less time doing things or activities that don’t make me happy
  • Continue practicing my French even when class is not in session
  • Take time to rest and recover after days of workouts
  • Wash my face regularly
  • Drink more water
  • Cook more and learn recipes I enjoy making
  • Read at least 12 books

How to get there

  • Say no to an invite if I feel I am doing it to be nice – this is OK and not selfish at all!
  • Plan rest days and use those days to read or cook, which leads me to – do you have favorite cook books you recommend? If I’m going to invest, need to have some to look into first
  • Listen to French podcasts and grab some reading books from the Alliance Francaise library or the Chicago Public Library (ps they have ebooks as well)
  • Remember to carry my water bottle with me mostly now that it’s cold and don’t feel ‘dehydrated’


Goals and how to reach them/keep them

Continue scheduling my regular appointments for the dentist, the eye doctor, the regular doctor. Don’t wait until something really hurts to finally go – I made this mistake 5 years ago and my appendix ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. It would have been an easy procedure had I gone about a week and a half prior. I pay for insurance through work, so why let that go to waste. And continue working out and having fun at workouts, working out shouldn’t be a chore, so find what works for you.

Ready to set some big GOALS, some BHAGS (big hairy audacious goals)?

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