I've had my fair share of struggles with getting in shape and staying motivated but through all that I have found a joy in the small accomplishments and in movement. They have added up to big goals of mine.

fITNESS and health go hand in hand. i no longer work out to be 'skinny' but to stay healthy; to finish those races I one day dreamed of. You Choosing yourself, your health and goals and you being here make me feel thankful. 

I chose to follow that love of fitness and helping others and got certified with my personal training certification.  

I continue to learn every day. Learning from other trainers and instructors.  The health and fitness world is amazing but also so large.  I'm here to zoom in on it a little and add my little piece to help others achieve their goals.  It all starts with making the decision to choose yourself.

When not training - I work at a fintech company on the tech side and love that I am able to combine both and how they make me the person I am.  I also love Kdramas and have a huge love for languages - I majored in French in college!

I grew up in a family of swimmers.  From the age of 8 up through college, I swam competitively or in a club.  I also played water polo.  I was active year-round.  It was a love-hate relationship with all the practices but when race day came, it was all worth it.

Fast forward some years, even though active, I gained the college weight and that was what I cared about.  I took up running after college to shed the college weight.  What I ended up finding was a passion for it that I did not know I had.  It was running every other day and keeping up with consistent training that I saw changes and improvements.  That was in 2010 that my running journey started.

The journey has its ebbs and flows but there is a lot to learn during that time.  You appreciate the lessons and realize that not everything is linear and that showing up truly pays off.  

I set a goal for myself to complete an Ironman race after I started participating in triathlons, that goal was accomplished in 2018.  It was not about looking at the whole distance but working with milestones and then putting all the work together.


Qualified/Trusted By:  NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Training, TRX Suspension Training & CPR/AED Certified


I need all the energy and motivation I can get during virtual workouts.  Nimbe gives me that plus more. Her energy translates well through zoom. A+ workout!

Think about that long endurance race you're training for.  That feeling of crossing that finish line and the huge accomplishment.  Maybe it's that joy of finding that in-between - balancing a busy schedule and adding movement into your daily life.  Or just because you want to feel good, strong and proud of the work you're putting both in the gym and outside.  Choose you and your own unique journey.

Imagine, waking up and knowing that the small milestones are adding up and getting you closer to your goals, rather than waiting to start on Monday or next month or next year. the work starts with a yes!