By following the plan and making small progress every day and every week, you build up strength both physically and mentally.  It's not about trying to get to the end goal at the fastest speed but about making steps in the right direction to get us to the goals.  Staying strong to be able to do what we have to do and avoiding burnout by strengthening our bodies.

adding a bit of activity or movement daily or following a plan CONSISTENTLY will get you closer to your goals in a healthy and safe way.

Maybe you're spending a majority of your day inside working from home or eat and work at the same time.  Or perhaps it's that you have other important people or tasks you have to take care of.  Health is important, both physically and mentally.  We want to be able to give 100% to what we do, but we can only do so when we have our batteries charged.  You can workout to stay active and stay healthy in order to be there for who and what you want.



Customized Monthly


I was used to working out by myself but during the start of quarantine i lost that fire.  i started working with nimbe to get me back on track and feel healthy. to keep some movement and regularity.  the positive energy she shows and how she pushes me is IMMEASURABLE.

Get a 1 month customized training plan, 30 min virtual workout and a 30 min consultation. 



You will have 4 weeks of training included in the personalized plan.

Also included:

30 min Consultation

30 min virtual personal training session

The personalized plan will be tailored to you and your goals.  Your schedule and equipment will be taken into account.  

You will receive a short form WITHIN 24 HOURS to learn more about your equipment, schedule  and other important information i'll  need for the plan and to schedule the consultation.

What's included